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We possess many unique LED lighting patents around the world which would allow people to use LED lighting fixtures easily and to accept them into their daily lives. We welcome all ODM & OEM regarding to our exclusive patents. With strong belief of energy saving and green earth, Lebensstil would bring convenient quality lifestyle to all people. Lebensstil is here to provide you quality products of LED lighting fixture.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, we take advantages of the mature manufacturing technology and resourceful suppliers of all materials. We believe that our expertise and professionalism will greatly benefit your business and you'll be amazed by the quality of our products.


LuminEDGE is an unique modular LED architecture. This architecture includes Light fixture and replaceable LSU (LED Light Source Unit), It Integrates conducting and Packing by a pattern structure, so users can replace LSU without any tools. LuminEDGE architecture with the design flexibility to adjust for different size and power supply requirements, we can help you with the lowest cost to import ready-made LuminEDGE Turn-Key Kit. If you need custom design, we can also provide professional modular LED design service.